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Junior Infants – 2nd class have enjoyed four weeks of Cricket coaching with Asif from Sligo Sport Partnership. The children learned many new skills and are thankful to Ms. McMahon for organising the coaching.

Aistear – October 2018

Space Travel For the month of October the children were learning all about Space. We set up a role play area for the control station and astronauts. We also set up a junk art station and playdough area for the children to experiment and make space related items.

Acrobatic Clowns

Acrobatic clowns. Junior Infants – 2nd class teamed up with children from Ardkeeran NS to do some exciting science. The children had great fun investigating forces. First, they tried some balancing acitivites and games. Then they investigated in pairs how to balance a cardboard clown on their finger using a little help from some materials.

September 2018 in the Junior Room

The Junior Room welcomed Jaydon into Junior Infants and said farewell to Patrick, Shanzay and Hania as they went upstairs in 3rd class. The boys and girls set up The Créche for Aistear. They enjoyed working at the reception desk, taking messages, answering the phone and making signs. They also enjoyed changing nappies, redressing the […]

Junior Room School Tour

Atlantic Sheepdogs. The children really enjoyed watching Joe(the sheepdog) being put through his paces by Mr. Feeney. The learned about the special whistle that is used for working sheepdogs. They also got to hold a beautiful woolly lamb and pet Joe. 5 Star Fun All the children had great fun in 5 Star Fun. They […]

A Look Back at our Year in the Junior Room

          G.A.A. Memories The children really enjoyed Gaelic Football training with Ross Donovan this Year. Aistear We covered various themes this year, including The Créche, The Restaurant, The Doctor’s Surgery, The Farm, The Post Office and The Seaside. Write-a-Book Project Easter and Chicks Mother’s Day Cards Bee Bots. We were very […]

Lego Robotics

The children in 1st/2nd/3rd class really enjoyed working with the Lego WeDo 2.0 kits. The kits were on loan from Sligo Education Centre. The children used the Lego WeDo kits to build and programme a robot called Milo. They used an app on the ipads to programme Milo to move.  They had great fun.