Cycling with Crank and Cog

The senior pupils are working on their cycling skills with Ciarán from Crang and Cog and having great fun too.

They are focusing on:

  • emergency braking
  • controlling their bicycle
  • indicating using their hand
  • the over the shoulder glance

Cycling Theory Workshop

The senior pupils completed their theory session with Ciarán from Crank and Cog and are looking forward to doing the practical sessions next. They learned about the four checks to do before cycling and the importance of being aware of other road users.

  1. Bike Check
  2. Helmet Check
  3. Clothes Check
  4. Weather Check

The seniors then made posters for homework based on the cycling workshop:

Projects on Australia

I am very proud of the 5th and 6th class pupils. Not only did they prepare excellent projects, they also presented them to the children in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class. In their projects, they included pieces on the history and geography relating to Australia.

Christmas in the Senior Room

The children in the Senior Room have been enjoying the lead up to Christmas.

Art with Amanda

Joy to the World

Nuts About Nature

The Force of Nature

Senior pupils interpreted the the theme of ‘the force of nature’. Have a look at their resulting artwork.

The Force of Nature

Green Fingers

I think we have some great gardeners here in Taunagh N.S.

Green Fingers

Athletics Festival 2018

Chess Workshop

Children from 2nd to 6th class enjoyed a chess workshop with John Alfred on Friday, 21st September.  They discovered how all the different pieces move and gradually learned how to play a full game of chess. Chess is a great way for children to develop their logic and problem-solving skills.


Stay Safe, Stay Clear

The senior pupils learned about six key safety rules as part of the ESB safety campaign. They created colourful posters to depict these safety rules.

Slideshow Video


Have a look at the official Stay Safe, Stay Clear video which helps you to learn all about electricity, the dangers, and how to stay safe around electricity.

Senior Room School Tour

The Senior Room from Taunagh N.S. went to W5 and Titanic Belfast with 5th and 6th class from Ardkeeran N.S. We were very fortunate that Peace IV funded the cost of the bus for this trip. As a result, pupils only have to pay for their tickets into W5 and Titanic Belfast. We had a most enjoyable day and the children represented the school so well!

School Tour 2018

Write a Book 2018

The children were delighted to receive their certificates for their Write a Book projects today. It was also nice for the pupils to get the opportunity to read their classmates’ books, while enjoying the sun!

Write a Book 2018