Junior Room Class News

Junior Room School Tour

Atlantic Sheepdogs.

The children really enjoyed watching Joe(the sheepdog) being put through his paces by Mr. Feeney.

The learned about the special whistle that is used for working sheepdogs.

They also got to hold a beautiful woolly lamb and pet Joe.

5 Star Fun

All the children had great fun in 5 Star Fun. They big blue slide got a five star rating from the children.

They had lovely hot food for lunch with fruit squash and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Thank you to Ms. Reynolds for accompanying us on our tour.

A Look Back at our Year in the Junior Room

G.A.A. Memories

The children really enjoyed Gaelic Football training with Ross Donovan this Year.


We covered various themes this year, including The Créche, The Restaurant, The Doctor’s Surgery, The Farm, The Post Office and The Seaside.

Write-a-Book Project

Easter and Chicks

Mother’s Day Cards

Bee Bots.

We were very lucky to borrow the Bee Bot robots from Sligo Education Centre.

The children had great fun inputting instructions for the Bee Bots to follow.

Penguin Portraits

Kandinsky Inspired Heart Art

Spring Lambs

Féis Art Entries

Congrats to Finn and Patrick on their winning entries.

Pancake Tuesday

Our trip to Sligo Library.

Boxercise with Sue.

Christmas Art

Have a look at the wonderful art by the Junior Room. They have been working extremely hard in the lead up to Christmas.

Art by the Junior Room

Lego Robotics

The children in 1st/2nd/3rd class really enjoyed working with the Lego WeDo 2.0 kits.

The kits were on loan from Sligo Education Centre.

The children used the Lego WeDo kits to build and programme a robot called Milo. They used an app on the ipads to programme Milo to move.  They had great fun.

Happy Halloween!