Senior Room Class News

Senior Room School Tour

The Senior Room from Taunagh N.S. went to W5 and Titanic Belfast with 5th and 6th class from Ardkeeran N.S. We were very fortunate that Peace IV funded the cost of the bus for this trip. As a result, pupils only have to pay for their tickets into W5 and Titanic Belfast. We had a most enjoyable day and the children represented the school so well!

School Tour 2018

Write a Book 2018

The children were delighted to receive their certificates for their Write a Book projects today. It was also nice for the pupils to get the opportunity to read their classmates’ books, while enjoying the sun!

Write a Book 2018

Gardening in the Sun

We were delighted to see the sun again today and made the most of it by going outside to do some gardening. Thank you to Jane and Ms. Reynolds for all their guidance and expertise in setting up our raised beds.

Gardening in the Sun

Art in the Senior Room

The children created imaginative pieces of what they could see through the keyhole. They then wrote pieces in English to describe what they saw.

Looking through the Keyhole

Hatching Chicks in the Classroom

Since returning to school after the Easter holidays, the children and their teachers embarked on an exciting science project in Taunagh National School, Riverstown. The aim was to hatch chicks in an incubator in the classroom. To increase the chances of success, forty-nine eggs were put in the incubator and three important factors were kept in mind for the duration of the incubation process: temperature, turning the eggs and humidity. On day twenty, the first little chick arrived with many more to follow on day twenty-one. In total, forty-three chicks hatched. The excitement was palpable in the school as the children arrived in the morning to inspect the incubator and tried to keep count of all the chicks. The pupils learned how a chick develops in the egg and how to care for and handle a newly-hatched chick. The classes made presentations on the iPads, created artwork and completed scrapbooks all based on chickens. Without doubt, this was a wonderful experience for the children and the school welcomed many visitors once the chicks hatched including parents, family and friends.

Chicken Projects