Junior Room Homework 2

To all the children in the Junior Room,

I hope you are having lots of fun at home and that you are helping all the Mums and Dads when you can!

Here is some work for you to do with Mum or Dad this week, 30th March – 3rd April.

Junior & Senior Infants please continue to practice your Letter Sounds every day and listen to the Jolly Phonics songs. (see Jolly Phonics post on website)

Senior Infants & 1st read through your sight word lists! Write out any ones you find tricky.

1st & 2nd classes, I hope you continue to practice your tables and are working neatly in your workbooks.

I hope all children get some fresh air- do some laps around your garden or do jumping jacks/ popcorn jumps/ throw and catch a ball.

Remember, please keep completed work in homework folders so I can collect it and have a look when we return to school.

I miss you all very much. I hope to see you all again soon.



Junior Infants: JI homework 30th March – 3rd April

Senior Infants: SI homework 30th March – 3rd April

First Class: First Class homework 30th March – 3rd April

Second Class: Second Class homework 30th March- 3rd April


Some Extra Activities:


  • Tell someone about the weather (aimsir)- Inniu an Mháirt. Tá sé fliuch. Inné an Luan. Bhí sé geal. Amarach an Chéadaoin. • Can you remember all the other ways to describe the weather?
  • Practise- Conas atá tú? Tá mé go maith go raibh maith agat, agus tú fein?
  • https://www.seideansi.ie/ is great for revising your Irish.

Dabbledoo Music

  • Try out some music lessons.


Chess websites:

  • http://movesforlife.ie/
  • https://www.chesskid.com/