Board of Management

The Board of Management is a corporate body that acts on behalf of the patron and in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Education and Skills. Boards of Management of primary schools are appointed for a four year term. The term of office for our current Board of Management is from 1 December 2019 to 30 November 2023.

Board Members:

  • Ms. R. Crummy (Teacher)
  • Ms. C. McGoldrick (Principal/Secretary)
  • Ms. J. Drese (Parent Nominee)
  • Mr S. Cunnane (Parent Nominee/Treasurer)
  • Dr. D. Swann (Community Nominee)
  • Mrs K. Barlow (Community Nominee)
  • Mr D. Shorten (Patron’s Nominee)
  • Mrs H. Shaw (Patron’s Nominee/Chairperson)