Senior Room Class News

A Look Back

Here are some videos to take a look back at the 6th class pupils’ memories in primary school, as well as two of the projects we completed during the closure.

A video to say goodbye to 6th class:

Our photography project:

Our drawings of bees:

Senior Room Activities – 15th – 19th June

After attending 46 Zoom classes, submitting over 460 pieces of work on Seesaw and completing all the tasks assigned during the school closure, the aim for the week ahead is to celebrate the pupils’ hard work by taking part in a number of fun activities on Zoom.

Here is the timetable for the Last Week of School.

Last Week of School

Please note that these are for all pupils in the Senior Room. We will start at 10.30 am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 11.30 am on Thursday and Friday. Pupils will have fun activities to complete on Seesaw each day.

Senior Room Tasks – 8th-12th June

The aim for the week ahead is to finish off our formal, academic tasks. From the 15th to the 19th June, I am organising a series of fun activities on Zoom and Seesaw for the pupils.
Pupils should continue to attend the Zoom meetings and complete the assigned activities on Seesaw each day.
Here are the Tasks for Monday, 8th June to Friday, 12th June.

Senior Room Tasks – 2nd-5th June

The pupils have been working so hard on their schoolwork. This would not be possible without your support so I would like to thank you for all the work you are doing with your child(ren).

There will be no Zoom class on Monday. Pupils should complete the assigned activities on Seesaw each day. Here are the Tasks for Tuesday, 2nd June to Friday, 5th June:

Senior Room Tasks 2nd – 5th June

Have a look at our video that we made about how we use Zoom:

Senior Room – 25th – 29th May

Thank you for collecting your child’s/children’s belongings on Wednesday and returning all the books that were on loan. I hope the materials I have photocopied will be of benefit and that the novel will be an enjoyable read. The pupils have done great work on the theme of bees – I think we have all learned some new facts in the past week!
Here are the Tasks for Monday, 25th May to Friday, 29th May:
On Thursday, the pupils will present their project on bees to their classmates.
Please practise reading our Zoom Poem for our exciting video project: