Senior Room Class News

Spring in the Senior Room

P.E. in the Senior Room

The pupils have been working on their GAA skills with Ross and developing their cycling skills with Ciaran from Crank and Cog.

Visual Arts

We had four winners in Sligo Feis Ceoil in the Art competition. We also made some beautiful Mother’s Day cards in Art and are currently weaving using cardboard looms and wool.


In Religion, we wrote prayers about friendship and made origami paper flower to go with them. Our work is currently on display in Taunagh Parish Church.


We have been working on the Living Things strand of the science curriculum, learning about plants and earthworms.

Cycling with Crank and Cog

The senior pupils are working on their cycling skills with Ciarán from Crang and Cog and having great fun too.

They are focusing on:

  • emergency braking
  • controlling their bicycle
  • indicating using their hand
  • the over the shoulder glance

Cycling Theory Workshop

The senior pupils completed their theory session with Ciarán from Crank and Cog and are looking forward to doing the practical sessions next. They learned about the four checks to do before cycling and the importance of being aware of other road users.

  1. Bike Check
  2. Helmet Check
  3. Clothes Check
  4. Weather Check

The seniors then made posters for homework based on the cycling workshop:

Projects on Australia

I am very proud of the 5th and 6th class pupils. Not only did they prepare excellent projects, they also presented them to the children in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class. In their projects, they included pieces on the history and geography relating to Australia.

Christmas in the Senior Room

The children in the Senior Room have been enjoying the lead up to Christmas.

Art with Amanda

Joy to the World