Senior Room Class News

November in the Senior Room

Cycling Award
Well done to Patrick who cycles to school every day. He received a helmet today from the Green Schools Committee to recognise his efforts for the theme of eco-friendly travel. We are very proud of Hania, Shazim and Shayaan who have also started to cycle to school.

Changing Seas
As part of science week, we investigated the effects of ice melting and water levels rising. The children are also working on artwork on the theme of ‘Let’s take climate change for water’.

Our artwork is inspired by the work of Vincent van Gogh.

Delightful Dinosaurs
Well done seniors! Another jigsaw is complete!

My Favourite Place in Sligo

The children thought about their favourite places in Sligo and drew these beautiful pictures. See how many place you can recognise!

Tús Maith Leath na hOibre

The children have settled in well to the new school year. For the month of September, we read Penny the Pencil by Eileen O’Hely. We enjoyed creating dramas based on the novel and writing imaginative pieces about the characters. In Art, the children made clay owls and painted pictures in the style of Clarice Cliff.

World War II Projects

5th and 6th Class have been learning about World War II. Their individual projects were completed over the last month of school. They showed great research skills and demonstrated the ability to write information in their own words. Their projects show a very good understanding of the key events of WWII, as well as what life was like for people at that time.

Senior Room School Tour

The bus will leave from Homeland at 8.15 am sharp and will return at 7.30 pm approximately. We are very fortunate that Peace IV is funding the cost of the bus for this trip. As a result, pupils only have to pay for their tickets into Aillwee Cave, the birds of prey exhibition and JumpLanes. At JumpLanes, pupils will also get pizza, chips and juice before we leave to come home.

The pupils should wear their school tracksuit. Pupils will not need any money on the day and cameras/phones are not allowed. Pupils will need to bring a bag with the items listed below. All belongings should be named.

– Light raincoat
– Healthy lunch, snacks and drinks (no fizzy drinks). The children will be away for a long day. Please ensure your child has sufficient lunch for two breaks.
– Any medication needed i.e. inhaler – please let the class teacher know if this is the case.

We are looking forward to a very enjoyable tour.