Science 2020/2021

This year, we are delighted to announce that all the classes in Taunagh N.S. will take part in the Discover Primary Science and Maths Award for the third year running.

Our digital log is divided under the following headings:

  • Step 1 – Science
  • Step 2 – Technology
  • Step 3 – Engineering
  • Step 4- Maths
  • Step 5 – STEM Showcase

Living Things

The Human Eye

Senior Room pupils conducted a Zoom interview with Nuala McCarrick, an optometrist, painted the human eye and created a video for the REEL Life Science Video Competition. Be sure to look at our video – that would be ‘eye-deal’!

Marine Explorers – Sea Creatures Bigger than Me

The pupils completed projects on sea creatures and presented them to Mark from Marine Explores over Zoom.

Energy and Forces


We made electrical circuits and tested materials to see if they were conductors or insulators. We also experimented with how to make a switch.


Pupils investigated the properties of magnets to see how they attract and repel. They also tested a range of materials and classified them as magnetic or non-magnetic.

Exploring Magnets in the Junior Room


Bubbling potions for Halloween

Volcanic Eruptions

Magic Gloves

Crystal Cup Experiment

Environmental Awareness and Care

Leaf Hunt in the Junior Room

Keeping Riverstown Clean 

Have a look at the posters the pupils created to highlight the importance of keeping our village clean. The winning entries are on display on the Tidy Towns Noticeboard.

SFI Discover Centre – Science Week Workshops with Sligo Science Festival

It’s only water or is it? & Fooling our Senses

Zoom Interview with Sally

Sally is an archaeologist and answered our questions about archaeology. A very interesting Zoom interview!

Space Week

Why is Mars red? Using steel wool, sand and water and a control experiment, pupils discovered how rust forms.

Space Rocket Designs

The senior pupils examined the components of rocket and created their own designs.

 Space Aliens

The Junior Room created their very own space aliens.