Science 2019/2020

This year, we are delighted to announce that all the classes in Taunagh N.S. will take part in the Discover Primary Science and Maths Award for the second year running.

Our digital log is divided under the following headings:

  • Step 1 – Science
  • Step 2 – Technology
  • Step 3 – Engineering
  • Step 4- Maths
  • Step 5 – STEM Showcase

Living Things

Penguin Adaptations

How do penguins keep warm? The pupils investigated how a layer of fat (margarine) in a bag can keep your hands warm in ice cold water. They used a control bag in order to conduct a fair test.

Minibeast Hunt

The Junior Room pupils will take part in a minibeast hunt in the summer term. Here they are examining our bug hotel.


Energy and Forces

Making and Testing Moving Vehicles



Our Egg-citing Egg-periment

We were delighted with the results of our experiment. We explored how water, vinegar, coke and lemon juice affected hard boiled eggs. We also compared a hard boiled egg is similar to the structure of a tooth, as well as the harmful effects of acids and plaque on our teeth.


Environmental Awareness and Care


Changing Seas
As part of science week, we investigated the effects of ice melting and water levels rising.

Ellen in 6th class wrote the following piece about the need for change:

We are all aware of the terrible effects of climate change. People like Greta Thunberg are
standing up and making their voices heard, but we are still not doing enough. We are still
producing more greenhouse gasses, we are still using diesel and petrol cars and we are still
pumping plastic out into the ocean. We’re getting to the point of no return, it’s now or never.

Antarctica is the fifth largest continent in the world, but it is shrinking rapidly. Warming seas
are wreaking havoc. The glaciers, ice bergs and ice caps we’re all so familiar with, are
melting. This is causing sea levels to rise and puts low-lying countries at risk of serious
flooding. The sea is not the only thing that’s warming. The whole globe is. Global warming is
an increase of the average temperature of the Earth’s surface. Global warming is
predominantly caused by a process called the greenhouse effect. In the atmosphere
surrounding our Earth, there are some gases that trap heat from the sun. These are called
greenhouse gases. They include methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. The gas that has
produced the most of the warming is carbon dioxide. Increases of emissions of these gases
are trapping more heat, thus making the climate and seas warmer.

A hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone. They are found in the North Atlantic Ocean,
Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and in the Eastern North Pacific off the west coast of Mexico.
With winds of 119 km/h or higher, as well as rain, thunder and lightning, they cause a huge
amount of damage. Warmer sea surfaces could make tropical storm wind speeds more
intense, potentially delivering more damage if they make landfall. Warmer seas also means
more rain. Rainfall rates during these storms are set to increase by about twenty percent and,
as Hurricane Harvey showed us in 2017, this can sometimes be the most destructive impact.
In the United States, models show a forty-five to eighty-seven percent increase in Category 4
and 5 hurricanes. Sea levels rising is likely to make coastal storms, including hurricanes,
much more damaging.

However, hope is not lost. If we work together, we can stop climate change. By just changing
a few small things in our lives, like using energy wisely, we can make a huge difference. If
we try to travel better, by, for example, walking, we are not only being healthier, but we are
also producing much less CO 2 . We know how to make electric cars, and we have them at our
disposal, yet we are not using them. Why not? In Ireland especially, we have the resources
for alternative energy sources. Wind, bio-energy and solar energy are all options for us here
in the Emerald Isle, so why aren’t we using them? We have the opportunity to stop climate
change once and for all, so let’s take it!


Spring Clean in Riverstown

All pupils will take part in a Spring Clean of the village on our return to school.

Green Schools 

We have an enthusiastic Green Schools committee who have successfully submitted an application for our next flag on the theme of travel.


Space Week and Science Week Trips

Senior Room pupils were entertained by a show entitled ‘The Secrets of Space’ in the Hawk’s Well Theatre during Space Week. The pupils went on an interactive journey across the galaxy. as they learned about the key ideas in science and technology.The pupils in the Junior Room went to see a Science Magic Show in the Hawk’s Well Theatre.

Junior Room pupils were treated to a fun Science Magic Show in the Hawk’s Well Theatre.









SFI Discover Centre – Arigna Mines

Written by Ella T.

On the 18th February, we went to the Arigna mines with 5th and 6th class pupils of Ardkeeran N.S. for Shared Education. The Arigna mines is located in Co. Roscommon. To go into the mines we had to wear a helmet and a hair net. For some girls it was very hard to get your hair inside the net.
Michael was our guide around the mines. Seeing the mines was very in interesting. We saw a diagram of the straight road and the branches and how the people who worked there only washed their face and hands on week days. My favourite part of the trip was when he turned off the lights and played a fake explosion.
I learned it only took four and a half minutes to fill a hutch with coal and children as young as twelve years old worked in mines. The Arigna mines stopped being mined in 1990.


Step 1: Science

This is our science section where we will document all of our learning under the different strands.

Living Things

Green Fingers

Here in Taunagh N.S., we take great pride in our local environment. We have two raised beds which we tend throughout the school year.

Spring Hunt

The children made the most of the sunny weather last Thursday, 28th March, and went outside in search of Spring.

The children worked with Ms. Stephenson,our student teacher.

Extraordinary Earthworms


Which Kitchen Towel Absorbs Best?
The scientists in the Senior Room were busy at work in their quest to determine the best material and subsequently the best brand of kitchen towel to wipe up a spill!

Testing Materials

Building Bridges

The children in the Junior Room were busy researching, designing, building and testing bridges that they made from junk art materials.
They make their bridges in small groups with the children from Junior Infants – 2nd in Ardkeeran NS.

The children in 1st to 6th class had great fun in science. They started off with a mixture of clay in water and filtered it numerous times. The water samples they ended up with were a lot cleaner but not clean enough to drink!


Making Slime in Shared Education

The Junior Room making Fluffy Slime during Shared Education

Energy and Forces

Making Parachutes

The children designed parachutes using their knowledge of gravity and air resistance.


Acrobatic clowns
The children had great fun investigating forces. They investigated in pairs how to balance a cardboard clown on their finger, and other surfaces, using a little help from some materials

Electrical Circuits
The children learned about the components of circuits and created their own ones.

Light up Christmas cards

Electrical Safety

Environmental Awareness and Care

Green Schools Talks

This year, our focus in Green Schools is the theme of travel. Lisa McDaniel came to inspire us at the start of the school year.

Lisa McDaniel from the Green Schools came to speak to us about climate change. We were so inspired by her talk that we wrote our own speeches to emphasise how important it is to make changes to the way we currently do things.

Love Your Heart Walk

We know the importance of taking care of our local environment. We took part in a Love Your Walk to highlight the importance of walking in order to make a positive change.

Space Week

During Space Week, all the children got to look at the planets and the stars when the Mobile Planetarium came to visit our two local schools as part of our Shared Education project.






We learned about space at the moment and using this song to name all the planets.


What does Gravity do?

The children in the Junior Room talked about magnetic and muscular forces. The children went on to investigate the force of gravity. They investigated what happens when a person drops various objects. They learned that all objects fall but how and where they fall is different.