Technology 2020/2021

Using Microsoft Teams

As a school, we are fully set up with Microsoft Teams and have been using this online platform since September. During the school closure, it was particularly useful as we were able to attend live classes, watch pre-recorded lessons and complete online assignments and tasks.

DreamSpace Virtual Tour with Microsoft Ireland

On the 22nd February, the pupils in the Senior Room attended this virtual event. We went on a tour of the head office in Dublin and learned about the micro:bit and coding, thanks to Corey.

Tech Week 2021

We used the micro:bit to code a series of programs. We had a lot of fun and learned about the importance of following steps carefully, sequencing and teamwork!

Makey Makey

Using bananas and a Makey Makey kit, the pupils created a banana piano and a banana controller for a maze in Scratch.


The children have been using ipads for coding skills (Kodable), maths and literacy activities and special occasion themes, such as Christmas and Easter activities.

Lego Eduation WeDo 2.0

The children in 1st and 2nd class enjoyed exploring, creating and sharing their projects. It was also a fun way to practice coding together.

We programmed a snail, Milo (mars rover), a fan and a helicopter.