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Green Schools News: February 2022

Our Green Schools Committee is busy completing the final steps towards our fifth green flag.  Our theme is Biodiversity.  We are looking at ways to increase awareness of native plants, animals and habitats in our locality.   Over the next few months, we will be assessed by the Green School’s Inspector.  If we are successful, we will be awarded our flag in June.  We have had lots of fun this year.  We have made fat balls to try to attract a variety of small birds to our school.  We have made Christmas decorations using recycled materials.  We are currently sketching habitat maps of our school garden.  We are using the app ‘PictureThis’ to identify the flowers, trees and plant life at our school.  Once the weather improves, we will begin work planting our school garden.  We will also have to repeat our Biodiversity Survey with the whole school.  Our results will be recorded on bar charts and hopefully we will see the improvements over the 2 year cycle!

Our current theme is biodiversity.

Raising our Travel Flag