Maths 2021/2022

Maths Week Activities

2D Shape Hunt

Cuthbert Sees Double with Sally Hunt – Maths Week 2021

The children enjoyed the story of Cuthbert the Croc, who is excited about playing “double it” with his brother Claude and their friends.


Senior Room Maths Trails

Using maths skills in the Design and Make a Rocket Activity by measuring the distance from the starting point to where the rocket landed and calculating the average distance for each rocket.


The pupils in 6th Class carried out a survey to find out the pupils’ knowledge about Biodiversity. They then created a bar graph both on graph paper and using ICT. They also drew a habitat map of the school grounds.



Maths 2020/2021

Maths Week 2020 Activities

Junior Room 2D Shape Hunt

Senior Room Maths Trail

Using Manga High for Maths Week

Maths Games/activities in the Junior Room

Maths Week Art Designs