Engineering 2021/2022

Engineers Week 2022

Egg Drop Challenge:

In pairs, the children can come up with different methods of protecting their egg before dropping it.

Children recorded their predictions before the egg drop experiment. They then recorded their results and see if their predictions were right!

Tallest Tower Challenge:

The children worked in pairs to build the highest tower possible out of dried spaghetti and marshmallows. They were given 10 minutes to do this.

After the 10 minutes were up, the children were given discussion time (5 mins) to consider how to improve their tower. They then got another 5 mins to rebuild or improve their designs.

The Senior Room watched the Primary School Engineer’s Week Show Build a Bridge and Get Over It

We then created the different types of bridges and tested their strength.


Engineering with paper- design your own playground

Design and make a rocket


Engineering 2020/2021

Making Windmills – Lesson Inspired by Microsoft Dream Space

STEPS Engineers Week 2021: Design a prosthesis

Engineer’s Week February 2021

The children in the Junior Room learned all about wind energy and wind turbines. They designed their own turbines using junk art.

They also designed and made a pinwheel each. They had great fun testing them out.

Zoom Call with Ardkeeran

As part of Engineer’s week and our Shared Education Project Junior Infants to Second Class in Taunagh and Ardkeeran N.S. were joined on Zoom by an Aeronautical Engineer, Mr. Usher. The children were given a tour of a plane and learned all about the job of an Aeronautical Engineer.