The Summer Term in the Senior Room

The summer term is a busy one here in the Senior Room. You will find out more about the activities we have participated in under our school initiatives: STEM Plaque of Distinction, Active Schools and Green Schools.

Workshops with Alan Nolan and Fighting Words

Sketch Notes – Learning how to take notes in a more visual way

Postal Bible School Prizegiving

Biodiversity Week – Workshop with Karen Webster

Senior Room Tasks 25th – 29th January

Well done to the Senior Room pupils. You are working so hard – keep up the good work!

Here are the tasks for the 25th to the 29th January:

3rd + 4th Tasks 25th – 29th Jan

5th + 6th Tasks 25th – 29th Jan

Senior Room Tasks 18th – 22nd January

Well done to the Senior Room pupils for all their hard work as they returned to remote learning. Here are the tasks for the 18th – 22nd January:

3rd + 4th Tasks 18th – 22nd Jan

5th + 6th Tasks 18th – 22nd Jan

Senior Room 11th – 15th January

The plan for remote teaching and learning is comprised of the following four elements for the Senior Room:

1. Live Lessons: These will be facilitated on Teams. In the Teams app you will see all the scheduled live lessons on the calendar.
2. Video Content: Pupils will be able to watch these video lessons in their own time. I will explain how to access this on Stream within the Teams app.
3. Online Tasks: Pupils are familiar with this from their Thursday homework tasks. They will receive notifications in the Teams app to let them know when something has been assigned.
4. Offline Tasks: I have attached the Tasks for Monday, 11th January to Friday, 15th January.

3rd + 4th Tasks 11th – 15th Jan

5th + 6th Tasks 11th – 15th Jan

December 2020

Getting Ready for Christmas in the Senior Room

Church of Ireland Gazette Cover Competition
Wonderful covers designed by the Senior Room. Well done to Karl who came runner up in this competition.

Celebrating Christmas 2020

 Marine Explorers Projects

November 2020

Celebrating Science Week

Someone Like Me Competition

Shamrock Gaels Go Smoke and Vape Free

Exploring the Colour Wheel

Some Example of our Work

Senior Room Term 1

The pupils in the Senior Room have settled in well back at school. They are in the process of making a video about the human eye and they took part in the Supervalu Athletics Fest. As part of their digital learning, they are becoming familiar with quizzes, assignments and the class notebook on Microsoft Teams.

Have a look at some of their artwork.

Art in the Senior Room

Certs for Supervalu Athletics Fest

Dressing up for the Spooktacular Disco